EFCU Financial has a long and successful history. However, awareness of the brand was low among its target audiences. This was mainly due to two years of halted marketing efforts in anticipation of their new name. FUSESENSE was tasked with creating a brand that exudes life and personality within an industry typically viewed like a commodity. Our goal was to introduce the new brand in a way that differentiated EFCU from its competitors and attracted new members.

Services Provided:

Strategic Planning
Public Relations
  • Helped EFCU Financial jump to #1 in six category rankings versus its local credit union competitors including brand recognition through advertising efforts
  • Over delivered media impressions by 29% versus placed impressions for the launch campaign
  • Delivered 42% added value versus overall budget through strategic negotiations
  • Helped set employee engagement and satisfaction at an all-time high
  • Increased new accounts opened by 16% as a result of the re-brand campaign
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